Lua Shayenne

About Lua Shayenne

Lua Shayenne weaves stories, through dance, song and word. Her art practice is embedded in her African roots and her Faith. Her goal is to “effect a spiritual conquest” by establishing a relation with the human hearts and create original, inspiring and relevant art.

A 2016/17/18 K.M. Hunter Dance award nominee and a recipient of the 2013 BMO seeds Fund Award for Artists working in community, Lua is the creator and interpreter of the dance theatre children series titled, Tales and Dances Around the Baobab of which Yassama and The Beaded Calabash, is the fourth tale. Lua is the artistic director of Dora nominated, Lua Shayenne Dance Company (LSDC). LSDC blends dance, music and storytelling rooted in West African culture with contemporary art forms and social commentary. Lua is currently creating WAVES | VAGUES and FRONTIERS | FRONTIÈRES for LSDC. Through LSDC, Lua has also launched YENSA Festival – a biennal festival that celebrates black women in dance.

Performing highlights include HOLOSCENES tours in the US, UK, Abu Dhabi & Australia, Été au Théâtre in Italy, Fall for Dance North, Luminato, Dusk Dances, d:mic and more.

Lua teaches at Toronto Metropolitan University’s dance program and brings African dance, music, storytelling and culture to grassroots organizations and schools all over Canada and Europe.

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