Lua Shayenne

“A story is a world of possibilities where truth and justice always shine bright after having traversed the perils of greed and deception.”

Lua Shayenne

“Once upon a time in a not so distant past, somewhere in a village in a land far away, there lived a young girl named Yassama.”

Yassama and the Beaded Calabash is the story of a young girl who, with the help of the old Baobab tree, saves her village from drought and delivers a powerful lesson about the importance of respecting and honouring Mother Earth.
​Acclaimed artist Lua Shayenne weaves vibrant dance and music with engaging storytelling in an interactive performance created especially for young children.
Developed with the support of the WeeFestival of Arts and Culture for Early Years and Theatre francais de Toronto.
Producer, text, performer: Lua Shayenne
Music: Cécé Haba
Director: Karine Ricard

Dramaturgy and educational consultant: Lynda Hill (2022)
Translation Dramaturgy: Djennie LaGuerre (2022)
Costumes: Rachel Forbes
Backdrop Design: Quentin VerCetty
Lighting: Logan Raju Cracknell

Stage Management: Joey Lau, Kimberly Moreira (2022)
Costume Sewer: Carlyn Rahusaar Routledge

Photos by Dahlia Katz

"Il y a très longtemps, quelque part dans un village dans un pays lointain, vivait autrefois une jeune fille qui s'appelait Yassama.”

Yassama et la Calebasse aux Cauris est l’histoire d’une jeune fille qui, avec l’aide d’un vieux Baobab, sauve son village de la sécheresse et délivre une leçon puissante sur l’importance de respecter et d’honorer la Terre Mère.
L’artiste de renom Lua Shayenne mêle danse et musique à un récit captivant dans un spectacle interactif spécialement conçu pour les jeunes enfants.
Commandité et développé avec le soutien du WeeFestival et du Théâtre français de Toronto.
Productrice, Texte, Intèrprète: Lua Shayenne
Musique: Cécé Haba
Mise en scène: Karine Ricard

Dramaturgie: Lynda Hill (2022)
Conseil dramaturgique (version Française): Djennie LaGuerre (2022)
Costumes: Rachel Forbes
Toile de Fond: Quentin VerCetty
Éclairage: Logan Raju Cracknell

Régisseuse: Joey Lau, Kimberly Moreira (2022)
Couturière: Carlyn Rahusaar Routledge



APRIL 30 to May 8 → York Region Schools’ Tour with Aurora Cultural Centre

MAY 18, 19, 20 → Junior Festival at Harbourfront

MAY 21, JUNE 1 & 2 → Vancouver International Children’s Festival 

JUNE 6 to 9 The Children’s Festival of Saskatchewan

OCTOBER 5 & 6 MIFO (Orléans) / info tba


Centre Culturel Frontenac (Kingston)
Arts for All ( Hamilton)
VOX Théâtre ( Ottawa)


Yassama and the Beaded Calabash is available in English and French.

Schools – JK-Grade 1  Grades 1-4 

Family Audience – Ages 3 years +

25 minutes with a 5 minute Pre-show and a 10 minute Post-show demonstration/call and response

WORKSHOP: A 30mn workshop during which children have the opportunity to learn and perform elements of the music and dance from the show *
Tech rider
available upon request

For bookings contact: