Lua Shayenne


Through the grounded movement of traditional Mandé (West Africa) dances, Lua Shayenne invites you to celebrate your body as the Temple of the spirit connected to Mother Earth.

We explore Breath, Ground, Inner Rhythm and Current.

LUA SHAYENNE offers tailored dance and drum workshops with live percussion to schools, organizations, community centres, corporate events and the workplace.

Lua Shayenne’s traditional Mandé dance workshops with live percussion is adapted to all levels. Lua leads a free flowing warmup to start the session followed by sequences of movement accompanied by live drumming. Emphasis is given to developing a musical ear and coordination. Lua shares the name, the cultural and social context of a specific dance from West Africa and her accompanying percussionist introduces the instrument he is playing, its origins and how it is made. Participants are led into fun polyrhythmic hand-clapping, engaging call and response and song with our percussionist.

LUA SHAYENNE propose des ateliers de danse et de percussions pour entreprise, organisations et centres communautaires.

Lua enseigne les danses traditionnelles Mandé. Ses ateliers de danse proposent un travail qui focalise sur le geste en rapport avec le sol, la fluidité et la mobilité des articulations, la dynamique du mouvement et la musicalité du geste sur le rythme syncopé typique de la percussion traditionnelle Africaine.

Une invitation à la libération du geste et à l’abandon au rythme, le cours commence avec un échauffement et des variations simples et finit avec une chorégraphie sur un rythme précis. Les pas sont découpés et adaptés pour tous niveaux. Les participants apprennent le contexte propre au rythme en question, son origine et ethnie.

BEGINNER LEVEL: New to African Dance or need to develop your understanding African rhythms? Then this level is for you! You will learn the fundamentals of dances from Guinea, Mali and Ghana with a special focus to understanding the accompanying rhythm. The workshop starts with a warm up to ground the body, focus on the use of the spine and upper and lower limb coordination. You will learn basic steps across the floor followed by a routine at the centre.

INTERMEDIATE/ADVANCED LEVEL: Already have experience in African Dance? You will learn longer and more complex sequences with an emphasis on technically detailed movement qualities. This level challenges your strength, coordination and power of the body whilst using a dynamic combination of footwork.